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Who is Home Choices for Mom and Dad?
We are a local professional placement service for seniors, assisting you in finding the best elder residence in Santa Barbara County.

Which facility is the best for me?
Our licensed vocation nurse with 24 years of experience working with geriatric clients will evaluate yours, or you loved ones, physical and mental status. Our certified RCFE administrator with 19 years of working in the field will provide you with a detailed description of services and amenities of each local facility that was personally visited by our staff. We can even negotiate the cost of the service for you!

How do you help me to choose the right home?
We’ll be guiding you through the appropriate facilities explaining their services, the living conditions, the house rules, the safety and security issues, the staff responsibilities, etc.

How much do you charge for your services?
Our services are free to our clients. The communities pay us a one-time fee upon moving in and they do not charge the family any extra fee for using our referral service.